Practice Notes reserves the right at its own discretion to cancel, postpone or re-schedule an event for any reason whatsoever, at any time either prior to, or after an event has commenced.

Event registration does not include insurance of any kind whatsoever.

Therefore, by registering for an event on behalf of yourself and/or others, Practice Notes strongly recommends you organise and maintain a valid  insurance policy (including travel insurance) of your choice, purchased in your country of origin to cover every participant you register.

Practice Notes strongly recommends that amongst other ancillary items you may choice to cover an insurance policy should include loss of fees/deposits either through your cancellation of participation at the event, or through cancellation of the event by Practice Notes for any reason, loss of international/domestic air fares through cancellation for any reason, loss of monies through cancellation for any reason (including airline or related services strikes and/or airline delay), force majeure, medical expenses (including sickness and accident cover), loss or damage to personal property, travel documents, theft, accidents, additional expenses and repatriation should travel arrangements have to be altered, and/or any other reason.

Practice Notes unequivocally does not take any responsibility whatsoever for any participant failing to arrange and/or maintaining valid and suitable insurance as so advised.

If you voluntarily cancel your registration, Practice Notes reserves the right to re-sell or re-assign your place to another person.